Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet the Artist - Art Bacon

Since when did art and science go hand in hand?  Ask Art Bacon.  Art has always been his passion , and he studied it while he earned his AB in Biology from Talladega College, a Ph.D. from Howard University and completed a postdoctural from the University of Miami.  He returned to Talladega College as chair of biology but began showing and winning.  Now he teaches art classes as well.  His bio says it all, "I realized that without art , my science would suffer."

I met Art at the Lite Box Gallery at the Pepper Place.  His work is so very interesting.  I especially admired the photo behind him and a vibrant abstract full of red, oh and a watermelon still life.   Actually I liked them all!  I'd like to spend more time with Art Bacon.

I've met a new blog friend today. Our friend Selim's, ( Izmir, Turkey Daily Photo)  daughter has her very own photoblog.  I've been a fan of  Selim's fabulous photographs for quite some time. I am thrilled to see he has passed  his passion for photography on to his 10 year old daughter Alim.  Give her a visit!


Olivier said...

un beau portrait, en b&w cela donne de la force dans son visage
a nice portrait, in b&w it gives force in the face

Thérèse said...

A very strong portrait indeed.

Anonymous said...

And what year did he win Wimbledon? These multi-talented geniuses are not even in my species.

(Really nice portrait)

Jane Hards Photography said...

Bacon is a true artist's name, like Francis. Gray my partner also Geology masters, PhD environmental studies, former Paleontologist and is now an artist by trade. Must be some connection. This is such an intense image. Stays with you long after you leave the vurtual page.

FireLight said...

Welcome home!! I will look for the gallery tomorrow! We are here for a couple of days. I have wanted for some time to go to Pepper Place! I can't wait!

Virginia said...

Fire Light,
Email me. I would love to meet you somewhere!

MadAboutParis said...

Bienvenue chez vous!!! How many more days til your "inner" clock straightens out???

Bob Crowe said...

Another good portrait. Art and science are two avatars of the same spirit. They are not mutually exclusive - they need each other to be complete. You know the "This I Believe" series on NPR. Someone once asked me what I would title my essay if I wrote one. My immediate response was "Arts and Sciences."

sinh said...

At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo biology cartoons!