Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birmingham Rouge I

Pepper Place Market

Those of you that follow my Paris Through My Lens blog know that I seem to be drawn to photographing all things RED!  I didn't realize it till some of my more astute readers pointed it out.  I started a series that I 've called "Paris Rouge".  As I was pouring over my current Birmingham stash, I realized I had a few here as well. Today is the first in the series. Enjoy!

As you read this I will A. Be whiling away many hours in the Atlanta airport. B. Finally be catching  a jet plane to Paris.  Stay tuned to find out when I finally touch my toes on Paris soil.  Au revoir!  

Triangle Park - Forest Park


Tash said...

This is a wonderful, eye catching photo. Gees, you're off again and I'm just at home. Have a superb time, dear V.

Olivier said...

les couleurs sont magnifiques sur la première photo.
colours are splendid on the first photograph.

alice said...

A nouveau, bon voyage! I'll call you "Jet lag Lady"!

B SQUARED said...

God speed!

Janet said...

Love the red! Didn't you just return from Paris? Bon Voyage!

amatamari© said...

But here there no only red!
There are all colors of summer and
happiness tasty!
A wonderful shot!

Halcyon said...

Back to Paris again? You are a lucky lady!

Love the red. It's my favorite color. Some of that ice cream doesn't sound bad either!

Jazzy said...

i'd like to try amish homemade ice cream.
nice and colourful shot!

Thérèse said...

Virginia: you are all year round traveller!

Char said...

funny how that can happen at times. I go through "color spell" where I'm so attracted to certain colors.

marley said...

Caught red handed! Off again, was it worth coming back?! have a great time :)

I posted something especially for you today ;)

Virginia said...

Oh thanks a heap, Marley. You've lost your Birmingham audience on that one!HA

Babzy.B said...

Paris again !!!! Quelle chance !