Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nice Folks at the Pepper Place

Oh I know that I post photos from the Pepper Place Market all the time. Well it's just as my blog friend Bob Crowe, calls it - A Photographer's Buffet! I haven't been in town much this summer, so this was only my second vist. I just love it because of all the great people that work the booths. Today a sampling. The lady in the top photo is an example of "Southern Hospitality". She is having a nice chat with a customer . She's probably giving her a delicious recipe, explaining how ripe it is, or telling her all about their farm and how that gorgeous peach is raised. ( She might even be telling her how cute her grandchildren are...who knows! ) Southerners like to "visit". It's what we love, and we're damn good at it! ( Excuse my French!) The gentleman in the bottom photo was shucking corn at lightning speed. I took the liberty of stepping behind the table of fresh vegetables in order to get a good shot of his technique! He's yet another on of my 100 Strangers Challenge. In case you're wondering. I have no idea how many I have at this point. Well close to 100 I'm thinking. Why stop now? This is a blast!!!!


Kate said...

Wherever you are in the world, a local outdoor market is the most pleasant place to visit and to watch folks.

I'm vacationing on an island in Wisconsin and get a very poor signal. I'll be back whenever I can!

cieldequimper said...

Are your peaches as delicious as the ones I bought yesterday? ;-) Great strangers shots, I'm still too shy to ask. :-(

steviewren said...

I love Pepper Place...if only I didn't have to get up so early on a Saturday morning to enjoy it!

Jacob said...

Lovely down-home photos...and I'm insanely jealous! We had a little "farmer's" market not too far away but the woman who ran it was so grouchy we quit going there and now it has closed down!

This looks like a wonderful place to buy fresh fruits and veggies and just, as you say, "visit."

Babooshka said...

Hey you're talking to the gal who will be having yet another bridge shot this week. Repetition, no a re imagining they call it in the film world. Pepper always looks so fresh and touchable.

Au revoir.

Bye for a week, off to France, at last. Poor me I also have a photography assingment while I'm there for a morning. Yah!

Thérèse said...

Wonderful fruit and people's portraits!
Would you have any picture of strawberries? Too concerned about pesticides I haven't bought a single strawberry this year...

Karen said...

Markets are wonderful places to photograph. Between the colorful produce and the delightful variety of people, it's a photographer's feast. And the eating when you get home isn't bad, either.

Char said...

as I've said before, I love and miss that place. yummy

Bob Crowe said...

You're right - tomatoes, peaches and their vendors never fail to make good subjects, and I ought to know. Don't stop taking the people pictures but do stop counting. Just do it forever. If I'd stopped at a hundred strangers my blog wouldn't have any content.

FireLight said...

Virginia, I am so glad you came by my blogspsot...and I hope you will rewrite some things about Mrs. Brittain. I really must take some time and read back through your posts on the 'Ham and for Paris. What a fabulous summer you have had...and still had time for a stop at the Whistle Stop Cafe! I am going to make a special trip soon just to go to Pepper Place, and we can go together. Don't forget, you have a place to stay in "the Loveliest Village" when you make that trip down Hwy 280!
I love the photos of Pepper Place's people!

Virginia said...

I'll hold you to that promise of a trip one Sat. Come on Friday and stay with me! I would love to have you. I might just appear on your doorstep in Auburn one day as well. I'm dying to see the June Collins Smith Museum and go to J&M......well you know!

Don't worry. I won't stop at 100. It was a great motivator for me though and look at all the nice folks I've met here and in France as a result!

Well come on back and you can join Firelight and me at the PPM!

Oh well I missed the strawberry alert and have eaten them in my yogurt every morning. It's always something! No photos of them but I have some great peppers I'll post soon.

How did I forget you were from Bham?? We must meet one day as well.