Thursday, December 31, 2009

What are You Doing New Year's, New Year's Eve?

I'll admit I was stumped on something to post of New Years Eve and then I found these photos from Birmingham's "The Club"! This private club was built in 1951 and I'm thinking the front signage has been there from the start. The dance floor is a trip back in time as well. On the weekends, bands still play and the dance floor lights up and couples take to the floor and dance the night away. I have many fond memories. I celebrated my 16th birthday here, and I've attended many a luncheon, party and wedding reception at "The Club" over the years. In fact, my great group of retired teachers lunched here recently! It boasts a spectacular view of downtown Birmingham from atop Red Mountain, similar to the one on my header. "The Club", a Birmingham tradition.

Happy New Year everyone. May this year find our world a more peaceful place.

Well look what I found, Diana Krall croons a very nice "What Are You Doing New Years?", and it sounds like a version that would be a hit at "The Club"!


Chuck Pefley said...

I do believe I'll actually spend the evening at home, which will be both a welcome and novel experience. I'm actually looking forward to it -:)

As you said, we're just different and so be it LOL!!

TheChieftess said...

We're heading to Capistrano beach...a friend (from high school no less) has a house on the beach there and my hubby's old group of friends and wives (many of us being hs compatriots as well...) will be going down there to raise a bit of cheer!!! And of course, cigars, poker, and football New Year's Day!!!

Love The Club!!! My daddy used to go to the dance palladium on Catalina Island...this makes me think of my vision of his experiences there!!!

Happy New Year!!!

wv: fransioc...a person obsessed with France!!!!

Thérèse said...

It looks like a great place to celebrate and we can easily imagine what's going to happen in a few hours.

Olivier said...

la piste de danse est déjà prête pour la soirée du jour de l'an :)
Bonne et heureuse année 2010.

Bergson said...

ça va swinguer ! bon réveillon

je te souhaite une excellente année 2010 pour toi et ta famille

Laurie Allee said...

After Little Bit goes night-night, Jon and I will drink a bit of bubbly and watch a movie on the Blue Ray machine Santa brought for Christmas! New Years Day, I'll make my famous spicy skillet blackeyed peas with spinach and tomatoes. (I don't think they'll let me back into Texas if they find out I no longer make traditional hoppin' John! Don't tell anyone...)

Hope you have a lovely New Year, beautiful V. Love to you from South Pas.

Hilda said...

And I don't even know where I can go for some dancing around here nowadays — my in-laws and I were just talking about it a few days ago. Wish I could join you at The Club!

Wishing you and your family a peaceful and love-filled 2010.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Happy new year to you Virginia, bonne année mon amie !

J'espère qu'en 2010 nous aurons l'occasion de nous rencontrer !


Kate said...

Wonderful to live in a place long enough to have fond memories. A dance club sounds so romantic.

May 2010 be a year of great happiness for you, Virginia, filled with love and laughter.

Louis la Vache said...

Oh, yes! It DOES have a '50s feel to it!

Rob said...

Love her smokey voice. happy new year, hope you kick up your heels on the dance floor.

brattcat said...

We'll walk across a snowy park with a dish of bubbling homemade mac and cheese and spend time with friends, watch the fireworks on the frozen Retreat Meadows, and walk back home, climb up onto the lighted porch, and wish for a bright and beautiful 2010 for all.

Virginia said...

I won't actually be at The Club tonight. I"ll probably spend a quiet evening just like many of you! Happy New Year to each of you!

Anonymous said...

I'll be at a local gathering with my tube socks.

Happy New Year Virg. I can't believe I've only known you around a year or so. Seems like we've been friends forever.

Bob Crowe said...

My first thought on seeing this: WHEEL - OF - FORTUNE! Who's gettin' lucky tonight?

You already know what I'm doing tonight at STL's First Night celebration and then asleep well before midnight. At least I hope to get some good pix.

B SQUARED said...

Hard to believe places like this still exist. Here's wishing you and yours a joyous and wonderful new year!

Petrea Burchard said...

J. and I make it a tradition to spend a quiet new year's eve together and I look forward to it. Never manage to stay awake 'til midnight, though.

Virginia, I wish you a lovely New Year's Eve and a 2010 to beat the band.

Virginia said...

Bob , since you'll be very very sober, you might snag some weirdos tonight! HA

I usually do but actually two places to go tonight so I"ll actually get to spiff up a little!

Thanks B2, hope you do as well.

Thank you very much!

Wear em girl! I'll have my Mojud working! :)
Maybe I'll snag one of the Esquire Socks dudes.

Bubbly mac and cheese! Grrroaannn, my fav!

Bonne Année mon ami.

Why exactly don't I have more of her on my Ipod? I need to add a few. Susan Werner's crooning La Vie en Rose right now. What a voice.

Have a grand New Year. Thanks for the visits here!


Happy New Year !

That's a new one but sounds yummy. I'm doing black eyed peas the old fashioned way. I might yours though another time. Send recipe!

Aw get out there and kick up your heels.

Now that sounds grand, New Years at the beach.


Bonne Année á toi aussi!

Of course watching la tour Eiffel would be even better!

PJ said...

Have a great New Year's Eve and sail into the new year with joy, V! Much love, P

cieldequimper said...

Bonne année Virginia, fantastic changes post.

Maya said...

OMG, you'd better take me here next time I visit!!!