Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Moons

"I don't know if there are men on the moon, but if there are they must be using the earth as their lunatic asylum."
George Bernard Shaw

Late yesterday my buddy Bill and I headed downtown for a night shoot. Well the sun was setting and I was NOT dressed for the low temps so we left a little early. I got the top photo through the tree in front of the Denechaud House, and the one below in my backyard. I thought a moon quote would be nice. I found two I liked. That worked!

Well I've a very nice tune for your today, Ella Fitzgerald croons "Blue Moon". And if you're feeling like something a little more 60's, try this one by the Marcels! See, two moons, two "Blue Moons" !

( And I know I need to keep working on my moon photography skills!!!)

"The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand."
Frederic Lawrence Knowles


Olivier said...

Cette blancheur fine,
Cette pâleur divine,
J'aime tout de toi,
Je connais tout de toi
Même si tu gardes

Des tes faces cachée.
Est-ce pour préserver
L'indispensable part de mystère
D'une beauté féminine ?

Mes yeux, tous les soirs,
Sont remplacés par
Deux cercles blancs de lumière,
Le reflet d'un éclair de Lune"

Magnifique, la muse des photographes

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee
You and «Louis» both posted moon shots today!

«Louis» particularly likes the second quote.

Thérèse said...

Very romantic! I love the first quote :)

brattcat said...

I think that first one could not be improved upon!

Kate said...

Moon shots are interesting; mine are all very different from one another.Good shots! Speaking of Ella, she is the consummate artist!

Petrea Burchard said...

On my screen, the title "Winter Moons" came up with the first photo and I was afraid to scroll down to the second.

I kid.

My moon shots never succeed. I blame it on the camera.

Virginia said...

You nut!! I'm LOL. I would only do something that naughty on Hiker's blog!

Petrea Burchard said...

Woops. Sorry. I'll mind my P's and Q's.

Daryl said...

Beautiful ...

Halcyon said...

Beautiful sky!!

TheChieftess said...

thank you for the Ella link...she's one of my all time favorites!!!
As are your moon least these two are...I have yet to see the naughty one Hiker has yet to post!!!

wv: naterick...Maverick's alter ego

Anonymous said...

Certain moons are worth seeing. Of course, I've never shot one.

Bob Crowe said...

Such clarity! I particularly like the way the top one's focus makes the moon appear to be in front of some the branches it's behind (did I say that right?). Very nice work.

valeria said...

The firs photo is amazing Virginia! The moon looks so close and well detailed... absolutely stunning!

marley said...

OK. So I love the first moon photo (love it!), love the first moon song and love the second moon quote.

Actually the second moon quote is wonderful. Gave me goose bumps, but don't tell anyone. People will think I'm turning soft!

FireLight said...

V, I just stepped out to take the dogs for their late night break. I did not need to turn a floodlight. What a marvelous glow is cast across the lawn! Your moon is really showing off in more places than these great photos!

Rob said...

Ah, Blue Moon, what could be better? wonderful moon shots, V! Um next time you go out shooting this winter, may I suggest dressing in winter attire? A union suit also helps keep in the warmth - red of course.

Tash said...

It had to be you, it had to be you,
I wandered around, and finally found,
The somebody who could make me be true,
Could make me be blue...

V. - it had to be you to get this fantabulous moon picture. Wow.

Janet said...

Great moon shots! I heard there was a "blue moon" rising.

Jilly said...

Two fabulous shots,Virginia. Oh wow. And I love the quotes too...

Babzy.B said...

What a beautiful shot , great moon !

storyteller said...

I noticed your name when I commented just now at James' Something Sighted and clicked on over ... just because.

I plan to click on the link to other interpretations of 'Change' but wanted to comment on your lovely lunar photos first ... I like the bare tree branches in the second one and the reflections in the revolving door a few posts back. From one Virginia to another ... Happy New Year to you and yours ;-)
Hugs and blessings,