Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drive-By Preacher

This enthusiastic gentleman has been spreading the Good Word for years in Homewood. Every weekend he faithfully stands on the side of the road praising the Lord over his loud- speaker and waving a fine collections of signs. West Lakeshore Drive at Wildwood Shopping Center is a busy, busy 4 four lane road, and I've always wanted to stop but was hesitant. Yesterday I was with my photography bud Bill. Bless his heart, he's always up for a photo shoot, so he pulled over on the shoulder and out I jumped. Don't worry about Bill, he dodged cars and ran across to the median for a better shot!! I stayed put and this is what I got. You can see our new friend had a very nice sombrero on top of his usual dapper hat. What a nice man. If you pass him , be sure and honk!

And a new banner photo today........"Nobody's Perfect You Know!"


brattcat said...

This is a "driveby peacher" of a shot.

Rambling Round said...

Well, a big "AMEN" to that!

Thérèse said...

Hope the traffic is safe around this preacher. We have a "drive through prayer" once a week in one of our neighborhood church!
Very classy sombrero!

Olivier said...

belle photo de ce prédicateur, on en trouve beaucoup à NYC a ma grande surprise

Jacob said...

Well...I'd better not comment. I don't understand these people.

Starnitesky said...

Wonderful 'people' shot.

Virginia said...

I can hardly wait!

Some feel the same way..

Glad you stopped by!

Glad you liked it.

Well not really safe but he's on the grass beside!


Damien Franco said...

I have to agree with Jacob. I don't understand these people either.

Char said...

I've always wanted to take shots of him!!! I find him so interesting. I've only been able to get drive by shots as that intersection is so busy.

great shots

Virginia said...

Char, I only stopped cause I had an accomplice!

I understand but he's a such a happy, positive person. We need people like him in our world of gloom and doom I think.

TheChieftess said...

So glad to hear he's a happy corner many of the corner preacher's out here are of the doom n' gloom sort!!! He looks like he has a sense of humor and truly enjoys his giving his message!!!

Jo said...

He looks as if he's full of the enthusiasm of life.

Have you heard about the turkey who plays chicken on the New Jersey turnpike?

You have a fabulous blog. It's so refreshing to find a fun, intelligent blog! (Both your blogs...)

Daryl said...

Amazing .. I bet he gets 'em going

marley said...

Shall I say only in America? Probably not. We have a more sedate elderly chap that preaches in the centre of Chelt. Not as wild as this guy.

JM said...

Freedom of speech at its best! But why the mariachi hat???