Friday, November 6, 2009

Pitcher Plants

I took this photo at Aldridge Gardens recently. I was fascinated with the shape and color of these unusual plants. I thought it migh be Swamp Lilies, but a Google search proved me wrong. I sent a pic to my faithful reader and gardener Harriet, and she passed it along to husband Richard, a plant afficianado. Richard declared it a Pitcher Plant. North American Pitcher Plant according to Wikipedia. Merci to the Reavis family for helping me out.


Julie said...

Oh the geometry in nature leaves me in raptures. I would be sorely tempted to take a mega-closeup of the pitcher itself.

Beautiful beautiful plant: shape and colour.

Jilly said...

Beautiful photograph. These are carnivorous (is that the word?) plants, I believe. The colours are heaven, aren't they?

Bibi said...

I had some of these once, and they thrived for a while, then despite not having feet, they kicked the proverbial bucket. Now I have them again in your lovely photo.

Char said...

I can't wait to shoot Aldridge this weekend. I'm so excited. These are beautiful as are many things at the garden.

Daryl said...

Aha .. I would have erred and thought them cousins of the calla lily .. can you hear Kate Hepburn?

Virginia said...

The way the top curves you can't get down in there!

Anonymous said...

I thought they were kind of witchy looking and discovered they're related to the Venus Fly trap. I like them better already

marley said...

Very nice. I was going to say Pitcher Plant and look all clever but I got beaten to it. Story of my life!

Paula said...

Try to get a little closer to the pitcher plants, V, you might see the little Sundews that are often nearby, they're ground huggers.

You could have fooled me with your last few posts, they certainly have a euro feel to me.

Thérèse said...

Des cornets de dentelle! It's beautiful.
Could we say "lace cornets?"

Bob Crowe said...

As you've heard, I don't know squat about flora, having frown up with concrete and blacktop. These are pretty but perhaps a bit malevolent. Do they dissolve insects inside those cones?

Jacob said...

I've not seen these before - they are extraordinary...for a minute I thought they were glass, your photo is so good!

Virginia said...

Let's not talk about that aspect!

Jacob, Merci

Do you think so ??? Maybe so.

Sundews is news to moi!

It's a nice place for sure.

Oh I love Kate!

Yes, and we have them in shops that are dried. Very nice.

Kicked the bucket! HAA

Oh you left yourself wide open on your post tonight. You know I couldn't let it pass me by.

Witchy? Ha, I like that !

Tash said...

I've never ever seen these before. they are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L & unusual.

JM said...

I love these carnivores and your photo do them justice. Great shot!

Marie-Noyale said...

Could replace the Poinsettias and I would love the change!!