Saturday, November 21, 2009

Watch For Oncoming Trains!

I hope I get a little credit for practically lying across these tracks to get this shot. I'm having a flashback to the old silent movie where the dastardly villain ties the helpless maiden to the tracks with the oncoming train lumbering around the bend!


Kate said...

Hmm! I worry about you, Virginia. Going around the bend these days?

Bibi said...

Hi, Virginia. Well, I see that your hearing is good since you got up when you heard the whistle blow, I guess.

I still love Dudley Doright and archvillain Snidely Whiplash that you can read more about right here.

Damien Franco said...

You get full credit from me. ;)

The flashback you described totally implanted those little soundtracks that used to accompany those films and animations.

I know have visions and sounds of Charlie Chapman trying to rescue the girl from oncoming disaster!

Eki said...

i like the curve of the bend in this photo. nice composition, V. did anyone see you taking this picture? ;)

Virginia said...

You know I almost added that about Dudley Doright but couldn't remember the villain's name and couldn't think of anyone to ask! Thanks for the link.

As a matter of fact I was with another photographer and her daughter but they were working with a client.
I do think I heard some guffaws however. It was an interesting sight for sure!

You need to worry about me!

Thanks Damien!!

altadenahiker said...

You get lots of credit. Train tracks are such a great metaphor, but never seen them from this perspective before.

marley said...

It was worth the effort! Great photo.

Though I can't imagine you as a helpless maiden! Think you'd give the dastardly villain what for! lol!

Tash said...

I can hear the silent film music accompanying the fair maiden's struggle! You've got me chuckling on this, and it's not right since it's a seriously well-done photo! I think with the colors, it's so cheerful.
(BTW you give me too much credit on the moon-cloud-bird sunset photo - no creative cropping, it was the only way I could get all 3 in the frame. LOL.)

Cloudia said...

Very nice shot!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Jacob said...

Photographers (real ones) will do just about anything to get a shot, so I'm not surprised you laid yourself down on a railroad track.

In fact, these days it's hard to keep track of you altogether!

Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo said...

Great picture. Have not seen clip about helpless maiden and villan in many years but I well remember them. It is not PC to show helpless maidens anymore!

amatamari© said...

You have a bonus almost limitless!
Beautiful shot!

Virginia said...

I'm right here. C'est dommage. I might be on a midnight train to somewhere wonderful in the future.:)

thank you for your visits and comments.

Glad you had a good memory!

Marley, You know me by now!

Hiker, try and fathom me getting back UP! Not pretty.

Cloudia, thanks for your visits and comments!

Tash, that was fabulous photo. Take a BIG BOW!

Bergson said...

j'adore l'angle de cette photo

Char said...

gorgeous c-curve

Maya said...

This shot makes me feel dizzy. You are far braver than I lying on that track to take this great shot!

brattcat said...

You definitely know how to keep your ear to the rail. This shot is excellent, your daring girl.

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