Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Falling Leaf

It's hard to catch a falling leaf even when they are falling as fast and furiously as they are around here. As I write this, we are expecting Hurricane Ida to blow through here tonight. We should be knee deep in leaves (and hopefully not water) by morning.

Today my very favorite version of "The Falling Leaves" ..... "Les Feuilles Mortes"
by the fabulous Andrea Bocelli. Enjoy


TheChieftess said...

Very nice Virginia!! Nice sense of Fall...

Bibi said...

Either you'll be knee-deep or else all the leaves will be swept away by Ida. Lovely colors...while they last!

Julie said...

That first one is a top notch image, VJ. Love the strong sense of order that the steps provide.

Nathalie said...

Well, good luck with hurricane Ida, Virginia. I'll be thinking of you. I hope everyone in your community will be safe.

Your photos are beautiful. It's the second one that I prefer. And yes it's awfully hard to catch leaves falling, even when there appear to be lots of them.

brattcat said...

These are both strongly evocative of the quintessential autumn. Beautifully done, V.

Paula said...

Funny how a few leaves can speak volumes. This is very iconic.

I hear on the news that you're getting a lot of rain right now, it's pretty quiet here.

Speaking of leaves,our yard is carpeted in pecans and pecan leaves, fortunately not heavy limbs - but it can still happen over the next couple of days due to weakening.

Paula said...

Are these sycamore leaves?

wv verge

Kate said...

Wonderful photo of colourful autumn!

Virginia said...

Nathalie, we are fortunate not to have any high winds just a steady rain since about 8:00 last night.

Did you all get a lot of rain yesterday? I'll be looking for a big bag of shelled pecans in the mail!!!! :)


I blew my driveway and patio Sunday afternoon and my Monday morning it was covered again. Today, more!!!

I"m glad you liked these. I thought the yellow was so gorgeous.

We have to enjoy them while we have them!

B SQUARED said...

Stay dry! Looks like it will be a pretty big rain machine.

Bergson said...

i love leaves in automn

Thérèse said...

With fall one step at a time. WInter is ahead...

altadenahiker said...

I thought about you when I heard Ida was taking a turn for Alabama. Stay dry! (Pretty pictures; the leaves are the color of cornflakes.)

Victor said...

Very nice V. We're on the same page this week eh?

Jilly said...

Oh what gorgeous images,Virginia. That first one, with the single falling leaf, is superb. And thanks for the music. Isn't he just toooooo delicious.

Daryl said...

Gorgeous .. I did a similar shot which now will never be posted .. pales in comparison is the polite way of putting it.

V, amazing shot

JM said...

I believe these are platanus leaves, the only ones you can find here on the ground so far. Beautiful compositions, V.!

Jacob said...

Mother earth always retrieves
Those she leaves behind.
I, however, quake and shake
And rake 'til I go blind.

Bob Crowe said...

I immediately think of the old standard: The falling leaves / drift past my window... I can hear Edith piaf singing it in French or Nat King Cole in English. Look, now, you've made me nostalgic.

Virginia said...

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him click on the link to hear Andrea Bocelli sing it !!!

You live in FLorida.. do not talk to me about leaves and raking.

Darlin', no such thing as plantanus here although I'd love to come to Portugal and see them!

Come on , I know your is fab. Show it to us!

It's 10:00pm, it stopped raining about half an hour ago. We had a gully washer today but we're fine. Thanks!

I am not a music groupie but I do appreciate Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban.

Non, mon ami. I can't hold a candle to yours. It was just a wonderful image.

Merci Thérèse and Bergson!

B2, No wet weather for you all on the Atlantic side I see. We're over it for this go round I think. Now, lots and lots of very wet leaves.

Tash said...

très jolie! and very unique capture - don't see any other photos of fallen leaves.
somehow it reminds me of a sad short story I read in 8th grade - it was my favorite for a long time - about a boy and a girl that walk thru russling leaves or just in piles of raked leaves - the boy dies of a burst appendix in the end :(
Isn't it interesting how the mind connects images/stories?
V. - take a look at Brenda's Arizona post for Tuesday - I think you'll really like it. http://arizonabren.blogspot.com/

Maya said...

Wow, you caught it in midair... awesome!

FireLight said...

Leaves falling down the stairs....just marvelous! Love the contrast.