Friday, January 9, 2009

The Projection Room


If you saw my post on 1/5/09, you know that I got a grand tour of Birmingham's Alabama Theater on Sunday.  Part of the tour was a trek (think mountain goats) up to the topmost regions of the theater, above the Upper Balcony to see the Projection Room.  The Upper Balcony was a place I don't think I had ever been.  Back in the day, "nice girls" didn't sit in the Upper Balcony. Many of you know why!  I digress.  The Projection Room was a grand place full of  spotlights, projectors and dusty old reels.  Another photographer's buffet! Thanks again Tom for a fabulous tour!

Big White Al and the Projectors
(Sounds like a rock n roll group from the 60's doesn't it!)

"Big White Al, the spotlight!"

The Tune du Jour is the theme from " A Summer Place"

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Olivier said...

un petit moment de nostalgie en regardant ta première photo.

a moment of nostalgia while watching your first picture.

Eki said...

i like how you close up on details and patterns on the first and second photos, V. i agree with Olivier, with all the digital technology today, these scene feels nostalgic.

Knoxville Girl said...

finally catching up on your photos - love the Alabama series - looks like it has that Egyptian/Morroccan thing going like the Tennessee in Knoxvegas. Also, I'm a sucker for old equipment; I'm just fasincated by past technology, so I appreciate today's shots.

Halcyon said...

How exciting to have been in the projection room and to meet White Al in person! ;-)

I really like the first photo. The shapes are very nice.

Jane Hards Photography said...

My own cinema would be a dream. How spooky I was commenting on my own blog(rare) when your popped up just above mine as a I was about to hop here. You were obviously projecting the images to me.

Wayne said...

In typical fashion you made the trek worthwhile The top one is one of your greats. V.

Tell me more about why 'nice' girls didn't go to the balcony.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tell us Virg. (How can you say so much with a reel? Wonderful photo.)

Virginia said...

You and I both know that you already have the answer to that one! I'd bet you did some time in the Upper Balcony in your day!

AH, Ya'll through rock n and a rollin out there in Calf?

Why yes, I do have psychic powers! Glad you received them today and came on over.

Bob Crowe said...

That's very interesting. I've never been up in a projectionist's booth. One of my favorite photographers, Hiroshi Sugimoto, did a series of pix in which he's put a large format film camera in the back of an old theater like this pointing at the front, then leave the shutter open for the length of the movie. The results are interesting. There's a link to him on my blog.

angela said...

For once I'm able to listen while browsing and I'm so glad because I love this piece of music. It marries wonderfully well with the photos..

marley said...

Three movie-tastic photos! It looks like there was plety to see and photograph, all very interesting.

Wayne said...

I've was never in the balcony, I was afraid of girls. Still am.

Virginia said...

What am I going to do with you!!!